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Every Nation Dublin's part-time online Bible School curriculum is based on that of the global Every Nation Leadership Institute, studied by thousands of students worldwide. The course can now be completed completely for free via the online videos and notes available online.

Our part-time online Bible School is an excellent opportunity to grow in your faith and to be equipped to lead a fruitful, effective and fulfilling Christian life. The content focuses on a deeper understanding of the Bible and its application to our everyday lives. There are 12 subjects divided in three terms of ten weeks each. Students will also require to write an exam after each term.


1. The Gifts

This subject aims to help you to understand spiritual gifts and their use. It helps to clarify your gifting, to identify areas of ministry where you can apply it and to set goals for growing in your ministry fruitfulness.

2. The First Teachings

The six "first teachings" are listed in Hebrews 6:1-3: repentance from dead works, faith in God, baptisms, the laying on of hands, eternal judgment and resurrection from the dead. Students are given a solid Biblical foundation to each of the teachings so that they can mature in their faith and share these truths accurately.

3. Dynamic Discipleship

This course imparts Jesus' great call and commission to discipleship. It establishes a Biblical view of what discipleship is. Students learn how to "make a disciple" and are empowered to live a Christian life that is reproduced in others.

4. Understanding Your Authority as a Believer

Through a revelation of the concept of authority, and how it differs from power, students get to know their delegated authority as a believer in Christ. It shows how Jesus overcame sin, sickness, poverty, demons and death and how His followers can rule and reign with Him.


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